Subscription Websites Offer a Revenue Stream

Adding a subscription model to your business is a great way to increase revenue with recurring income. All businesses in some fashion or another generate content and incentives to promote their brand. Whether it is a How-to video posted on YouTube to articles on features and benefits of your product and/or services, content is being created. What if your model now includes creating content and/or incentives that have an added value to customers and prospects?
Adding a Subscription or Membership component to your website will allow you to monetize your value-added content and incentives creating a new recurring revenue stream. Offering customers and general website visitors the ability to subscribe to your website to gain access to exclusive content promote website stickiness as members return to your website on a more consistent basis which in turn generates brand loyalty.

What Content Should I Create and How Should I Deliver It?

As I mentioned before, your organization is most likely creating content to promote your business. Subscription-based content should offer extra value to your customers. If your company sells a product that requires certain skills, offer a video series on advanced techniques to get the job done. You can produce articles with exclusive content that adds value for those who purchased your membership. Other forms of content to consider:

  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Tutorials
  • Community Forum
  • Training, Counseling, and Coaching
  • Exclusive Promotions and Giveaways

Delivering your exclusive content should be gated behind a login. When a user registers for a membership on your website they should be assigned an account with login credentials. When the member logs into your website they are granted access to view your exclusive content. You can decide to offer multiple access levels if your content provides multiple benefit levels. An example; tier one membership level grants access to your community forum while tier two grants access to the community forum and advanced training videos.
Notifying members of newly created content can be done via email, push notifications, SMS messages, and alerts on the website. These systems can be automated to cut down on time-consuming activities.
Are you ready to begin a membership model? If you are committed to producing value-oriented content and dedicated to ensuring your newly created community receives value for their membership commitment, the subscription model is for your business and offers the potential for a great revenue stream.

If you are looking to add a subscription feature to your website or develop a new subscription-based website, contact us.